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István Szakadát

István Szakadát graduated as a mathematican engineer in 1982 and as a sociologist in 1985. Since 1987 he has been working for the Department of Sociology at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). Since 2017 he is Head of the Department of Sociology and Communication. He has published several political geography books on the Hungarian parliamentary elections ('Political Atlas of Hungary'), a book on new media ('All in One') in 2007, and books on action theory in 2008 ('Action Theory in a Nutshell') and in 2014 (''). His main research interests are in the interpretation of regularities in human actions and their description in formal terms. Since 2002, he has been involved in several R&D projects related to digital technology, such as Web of Words (development of a deep web search engine based on semantic-like standards) and Data Riddle (building a web traffic analysis program for the largest Hungarian portal). In 2005-2006 he was the leader of a large national R&D consortium MEO. The main objectives of the MEO project were to build a top-level ontology and to develop an ontology infrastructure. In addition to technology-related R&D projects on new digital media, he has also won research grants in the social sciences, in the fields of political geography and action theory. Besides his academic career, he has been actively involved in building Hungarian digital culture from the very beginning. In 1993, together with a colleague, he published the first Hungarian multimedia CD-ROM called Politics. Following its success, he was editor and developer of the ABCD Interactive CD-ROM Magazine, published with the support of the multinational company IDG between 1994 and 1997. Between 1995 and 2011, he was a key player in the project launched by the Hungarian Film Archive, which resulted in the publication of six CD-ROMs on Hungarian film history. Between 1997 and 2004, he was a consultant for the subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, the largest Hungarian telecommunications company, and finally became Chief Scientist of the internet provider company of Telekom. During this time, he was actively involved in the launch of the Internet in Hungary. In 1999, together with some university colleagues, he developed a proposal to the Hungarian cultural government for the establishment of an audiovisual archive for the archiving of radio and TV programs, and after the government set up the new institution, he was one of the designers of the metadata model of the National Audiovisual Archive. At the same time, he was the designer and leader of the Hungarian National Digital Archive (2003-2004). Between 2009 and 2011, he was responsible for the development of the reorganised portal in the ENCOMPASS - University of Omniscience 2.0 project, supervised by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Between 2014-2020, he was the initiator and professional leader of the project led by the National Library to design and build a national name space for the interoperability of databases of national memory institutions.

Org. Department of Sociology and Communication of BUTE
Position associate professor
Address Egry J. u. 1., 707. Room, Budapest,   1111-Hungary
Phone (+36 1) 463 3218
Fax (+36 1) 463 3516
Email i(a)

Work Experience
2017 - 2022 head of department (Department of Sociology and Communication)
2002 - 2010 scientific leader, MOKK (Media Research Center)
2001 - 2004 chief scientist, Axelero Rt.
2000 - associate professor, University of Technology, Sociology and Communications Department
1999 - 2002 researcher at Media Lab, University of Technology
1999 - 2003 deputy head of department, University of Technology, Sociology and Communications Department
1999 - 2001 head of department, MATÁVnet Kft./Axelero Rt.   Application Development Department
1998 - 1999 project leader, Origo Kft., then MATÁVnet   Kft.
1997 - 1998 expert, MATÁV Rt. Content Project
1994 - 1996 CD-ROM-editor, -developer, IDG Hungary
1987 - assistant lecturer, Technical University of Budapest, Sociology Department

1980 - 1985 Eötvös Loránd University of Science, sociologist
1977 - 1982 Technical University of Budapest, mathematical engineer

Professional Qualification
2015 dr. habil (BCE))
1999 PhD in Sociology

Most important publications in the last 5 years
  • Syi,, L'Harmattan-Könyvpont Kiadó, 2014
  • Syi, Hidden Patterns of Reciprocity. In: Journal of Theoretical Biology 345: pp. 92-98. (2014)
  • Zoltán Szántó, Syi, Physicists, stamp collectors, human mobility forecasters. In: Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 2010 I:(2) pp. 129-154.
  • Syi, Cselekvéselmélet dióhéjban. Játék, elmélet, módszer, tan - Weber: újratöltve [Theory of Action in a Nutshell. Game, Theory, Methodology - Weber: Reloaded], . Budapest: Typotex Kiadó, 2008. 254 p.
  • Syi, Egyben az egész. Egytől egyig [All in one. From one to one], Budapest: Typotex, 2007.

Important Development Work
2011  MovingImageGallery VI, CD-ROM-series in   Hungarian Film history, MFI
2009 - 2011 Encompass 2.0 portal
2005 Online Atlas, GIS database, BME
2002 Election Database, Axelero-Budapest University of Technology
2002  MovingImageGallery III, CD-ROM-series on Hungarian Film history, MFI
2001 MATÁV online White Pages, Axelero-Virgo
2001 [origo] Webtárház foundation project, Axelero Rt.
2000 Olympics History Database, MATÁVnet Rt.
1998 - 2002AltaVizsla Web Directory and Thesaurus,   MATÁVnet Kft.
1999 Business Quarter, economic, financial and   legal service, MATÁVnet Kft.
1998 [origo] portal service, Origo Kft.
1999 MovingPictureGallery V., CD-ROM-series on Hungarian Film history, MFI
1996 MovingPictureGallery online, online database of Hungarian Film History, MFI
1996 MovingPictureGallery I., CD-ROM-series in   Hungarian Film history, MFI
1994 - 1996 ABCD Interactive CD-ROM Magazin, IDG  Hungary, author, developer, editor , co-editor: András Nyirô)
1996 Béla Bartók CD-ROM, Hungarian Radio, interaction designer
1993 Politics for Windows, multimedia CD-ROM, Aula (4 editions), author, developer (co-editor: András Nyírő)
1992 - POLIS - political and social statistical GIS-based database, online information system, BUTE Sociology Department

Researches, Projects
2011 - 2014 Norms, Common Knowledge, Cooperation, OTKA, BME
2005 - 2006 MEO, NKFP-2, BME-MorphoLogic-Scriptum-ALL-MTA NYTI-SZTE consortium
2002 - 2005 Data Riddle, NKFP,   BME-ELTE-SZTAKI-Econet-Axelero consortium
2002 - 2005 Web of Words, NKFP, BME IK-Axelero consortium
2002 E-learning research and development, methodological questions of the development, Apertus grant, BME-ELTE-Mimoza   consortium
2001 - 2002 Term-organiser, MEH IKB, Axelero-Neumann-House consortium
2001 - 2002 Application possibilities of deontic logic, OTKA, BME Sociology and Communications Department
2000 National Audiovisual Archive, preliminary study, Ministry for National Cultural Heritage, BME IK
1999 Convergence from the point of view of Media I., OMFB TEP, BME SZKT és BME ITTK
1999 Convergence from the point of view of Media II., OMFB TEP Iroda, BME SZKT és BME IK
1996 - 1999 Methodological problems of the Analysis of Regional Statistical Data, OTKA, BME SZT
1998 Regional Dynamics of Minorities, Religious beliefs, OKTK, BME SZT
1995 - 1997 Youth, Disadvantage, Education, Crime, OKTK, BME SZT
1994 - 1995 Development of a geo-informatics system for the analysis of regional relationships of socio-statistical data. OKTK
1991 - 1994 Comparison study of East European Political Elites, OTKA
1991 - 1993 From Knowledge Elite to Nomenclature, OTKA, ELTE Szociológiai Intézet
1988 - 1989 State, political system, modernisation, MTA Szociológiai Kutató Intézet
1987 - 1990 Implementation study of Electronic   Governement programme, EGP
1986 - 1990 Social conditions of the Reception of Technology. TTI.